Our Story

       We met at a teeny tiny private Christian school in New Brunswick, Canada. The first thing we bonded over was our mutual adoration for the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  We binge-watched the show between classes and began sharing our stories. We’ve been best friends ever since.  It’s been a decade since we met. Even though one of us lives in a suburb of Toronto and the other right outside Washington D.C., we have managed to see each other once a year.  Recently, we have felt a strong desire to create something meaningful together that will impact the world in a positive way.  We are starseeds, catalysts for change, and aim to engage in the evolutionary process of humanity.  This blog is about our journey, and all of the services we offer come from a place of love and in the pursuit of truth.  While we are creating a business that will bring us financial freedom, we are primarily creating a community and building energy around human transformation and expanding consciousness.  We want to help you remember who you are, how we are all connected, and what your true calling is for this life and beyond.  Love and light, Rachel and Morrigan

Morrigan and Rachel


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