Tarot Decks: 4 things you need to know about choosing a tarot deck

Hello lovelies, hope you’re having an amazing weekend! So you’ve begun your journey into the world of tarot.  One of the key steps in this journey is finding a deck and getting to know it. In this article, you’ll find out the four most important tips when choosing and working with your first deck. These ideas are helpful for your first deck as well as future decks you acquire.

Choosing the deck: Choosing your first deck can be overwhelming because there are SO many types of decks out there. When your learning it is best to start with a traditional deck. This way you can learn how to properly understand the major arcana as well as the suits. It provides the foundation you need to interpret other decks.  The classic Ryder Waite and Robin Wood decks are both great to start with. I was lucky enough to be gifted my first deck (and it was Robin Wood) but it’s just as special to go to a store and choose one for yourself. Most importantly, let your intuition guide you!

Cleansing and Blessing your Deck: Now that you have your first deck, it’s time to prepare it for use. The first step is to cleanse the deck. There are a few ways to cleanse a tarot deck. You can smudge, sound clear with a singing bowl, or use white light. Choose whichever you feel most connected to, or do all three. After cleansing, you can say a blessing to your spirit guides, or whatever Divinity you choose, and then it’s ready!

Get to know your deck: Once your deck is cleansed and blessed, you’ll need to take some time to get to know it. Here are the three easiest ways I found to familiarize myself with a tarot deck: first, conduct interview spreads, and make sure to write down the results of each interview; second, go through each card one by one and write down your impressions, thoughts, and feelings; finally, bring the deck with you everywhere and find opportunities to use it. The more you use your tarot deck, the better you’ll get to know it.

Tips and tricks:  Tarot is an extremely intuitive divination practice and it does take time to get the hang of it. Practice, practice, practice–the more you do it the better you will become! Also make sure to cleanse and bless your cards often so they don’t hold on to too much energy, which can cloud your readings. When you do decide to acquire more decks, make sure you really get sense of the connection you feel when you first see or touch each one. If you have a tarot deck that you just can’t seem to form a good bond with, then clear the deck and gift it to someone you think will appreciate it.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and that this was helpful for you. Please Subscribe to our blog and check out our website www.mysticsagedragonfly.com

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