5 considerations for setting up a tarot reading space

Hello lovelies!! Hope you’re all doing well today.  You may have already read my blog post about choosing and working with a tarot deck.  Now let’s look at how to set up a sacred space for reading tarot. There are many different opinions when it comes to having a tarot space. The most commonly held belief is that you need to have a quiet space away from distractions. I personally believe that practicing tarot is all about your headspace and your ability to get into that headspace no matter where you are. Anywhere that your consciousness can enter into a quiet, intuitive headspace, can be a sacred tarot reading space. That being said, there are definite benefits to having a dedicated tarot space for readings. We are going to look at five ways to set up a sacred tarot space.

  • The room: Make sure that your tarot space has access to natural light and you can open a window–this is key for the routine clearing and smudging you will be doing. Make sure the room feels energetically comfortable and peaceful. Choose a place where it is easy to achieve quiet and calm.
  • Items: You will want to have a desk or table, a comfy chair, and a candle to let your guides know the work has begun. A cloth to cover the table and keep your cards clean and sacred is also a good idea. Crystals that you find helpful or soothing, calming music and scents are also helpful.
  • Storage: I find open book shelves are quite nice for storing tarot decks and work well as a display. Decorative boxes and bags can be nice to keep in a drawer or on a shelf, as well as any other supplies.
  • Blessing and clearing:  It’s important to clear and bless the space before setting it up and again before using.  Smudging and prayers are one way to achieve that. You can also use a singing bowl to sound-clear, and set up clearing crystals in the room.
  • Decorating: You can decorate using warm and calming fabrics, crystals, painting, artwork and other various things like that. I like to hang tiny fairy lights and mandala tapestries in my tarot reading space. Intuitive colors like purples, deep blues, and gold work well.

All in all your tarot room is your sacred space and a room you will spend a lot of time in. Make sure it is a comfortable and relaxing space! Thank you for reading–hope this was helpful!  Subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss anything and check out my website!

Love and Light,


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