3 Tarot Decks Worth Considering


Hello Lovelies, hope your day is going well! We are continuing on with our series on tarot reading, and today we will take a look at my favorite tarot decks.

Like I have written before, choosing a tarot deck to work with can be overwhelming because of the number of decks out there. I hope that giving you a glimpse of these decks can help narrow your search. Now I need to put a disclaimer out there, which is that whatever deck you choose must speak to your personal energy. If none of these decks resonates with you, that is okay. Listen to your intuition and keep searching, or better yet, wait for someone to gift you with a tarot deck!

The first deck we are going to look at is The Robin Wood. For someone who is just starting out practicing tarot reading, this is a great first deck. I was lucky enough to be gifted this deck when I began my tarot journey. It’s a nice alternative to the Ryder Waite, as I find the imagery is softer and more artistic, with a vibrant, celtic feel, which really speaks to me. Robin Wood also follows the traditional tarot deck setup, which allows for learning tarot the traditional way. This deck is great for answering big life questions like career, travel, finances and such.

ROBIN WOOD Tarot Deck by Llewellyn Publications:


The next deck I want to highlight is The Vision Quest. This tarot deck is great whether you are a beginner or if you are comfortable with reading traditional tarot and ready for a challenge. This deck is also great if you’re looking for something inspired by Native American culture and energy.  Each card is like a piece of art that can invoke so many emotions. The deck specifically features strong women and men which can allow you to really connect on an emotional level. This deck is amazing for emotional and spiritual questions.

The Vision Quest Tarot Deck by Gayan Sylvie Winter & Jo Dose


The final deck I want to highlight is the Santa Muerte Tarot Deck: Book of the Dead. This is my favorite deck, but definitely something you want to look at after you’ve familiarized yourself with traditional tarot reading. It based upon the holiday Dia de los Muerte in Mexico, and the idea behind this sacred day is to show us that the dead still have things to teach us. I also love that women play a strong role in this deck–there is a lot of feminine energy here! The images themselves are haunting, yet beautiful. This deck is really good for guidance in area area of your life, and it also has a companion oracle deck.

Santa Muerte Tarot Deck: Book of the Dead by Fabio Listrani


Hopefully this information is helpful to you.  Wishing you many blessings on your tarot journey!

Love and Light,


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