What is an Oracle Deck?


Hello Lovelies, I hope your day is going well. The last thing we talked about in our Tarot series was specific decks that could be used for different purposes. Now we are going to take a look at oracle decks.

As you move along in your Tarot journey, you will start to see and hear about oracle cards. When I first started, I had no idea they could be used on their own–I thought they always had to be used in companion with tarot decks. That is simply not the case. Oracle decks were created as a companion or alternative to tarot. Not everyone can connect with the structure and rules of Tarot. Some prefer a more free-form method of divination. Oracle decks come in many different shapes and sizes, and the deck can contain as many cards as the creator wishes.

Another really nice feature about oracle decks is that they can cover any topic, situation or practice the creator desires. For example, one oracle deck might be full of affirmations, or contain inspiration for a new moon ritual. Some oracle decks walk you through the chakras, while others reveal catalysts coming into your life.

Their uses are endless. While oracle decks are incredibly versatile, there is a few characteristics that they have in common. Most decks have 36 to 64 cards, and a lot of them are inspired by tarot decks. One of the big things with oracle versus tarot decks is that tarot can give you the little intimate details, whereas oracle decks tend to give you a bigger snapshot of a situation.

I want to highlight the Santa Muerte Book of the Dead Oracle Deck. It is the first oracle deck I have ever worked with, and I am quite fond of it. The images are beautiful and the messages are insightful.

I personally feel that the oracle and tarot decks work best in tandem, since they both have something very special to offer as you seek guidance. I highly recommend learning to use oracle cards.

Love and Light,


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