Shadow work day 1


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Hello lovelies. Today is day one of my summer shadow work. Here is our first prompt:

How do I bind myself and to what do I bind myself? What notions enslave me? What opinions have I taken on without questioning?


I decided to start with this because yesterday it played heavily into my day. I have been called to a very specific spiritual path, but due to notions of unworthiness, I have been running as far away from it as possible. Yesterday this calling confronted me and man did I wrestled with these questions.

This morning I sat down and decide to face them. I came up with a list of things, some I didn’t even know I believed and lived by. I would not consider all of them to be shadows, but the ones that are I am going to sit with today. It is time to begin the process of integration.

I want to make something else clear: some of the things that popped up are a natural part of life and the human experience. These are not meant to be overcome but embraced, loved, and seen for what they are. We must learn how to work with them instead of against them.

Here is a small screenshot of my list:

  • Peoples’ opinions of me
  • Defining myself by my past
  • Self doubt
  • Everyone leaves
  • Lack of worthiness
  • Titles
  • Avoiding opportunities because of past mistakes
  • Hiding from past mistakes and people of the past

(Thank you heaps and bunches to Ripples of Insight, check out her blog for taking time to edit this!!! )

Thank you all for listening and joining me on this journey. If you feel called, I would love to see some of your answers in the comments below.


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