Shadow Work day 2

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Good morning lovelies!!! Today is day two of this summer of shadow work, as I meditated this morning, I was focusing on the word joy. It caused me a lot of anxiety, I had a hard time focusing on it. Hence today’s shadow work prompt:

Find something that is causing you frustration at the moment. Then try creating an uplifting, poem, song or art piece about it.

Here it goes:

She walks alone in the shadows, it’s the safest place for her to be.

She carries her shame and pain like a badge of honor.

Every day the burden grows heavier till she can walk no longer.

Collapsing she thinks this is the end.

She smiles, she’s been waiting for the freedom death brings.

Her skin feels warm and there are noises all around.

Opening her eyes she is blinded by lights and faces.

‘Thank god you’re awake, it’s okay we have you.’

‘You’re safe now.’

No! She thinks no this was not supposed to happen.

This is not safe, light brings pain, disappointment, she was almost free.

She yells at them but they just smile and hold her.

She fights they hold tighter.

Whispering it’s real this time.

She can trust it.

She is free.

Slowly warmth seeps through her.

A quiet peace descends.

She falls limp in their arms and lets the pain seep out.

Please let it be real she begs.

Let it be real.

She can feel it in her soul that this time it is.

Slowly those fractured pieces become one.

She rises in grace and beauty, I am free, I am whole.

She walks in the light, pulling in those from the dark.

She holds them and says it’s real this time.

She is peace.

We can all be peace, that is one of the things I hope to achieve this summer. Please share yours in the comments down below. Thanks again for listening.

Love and Light Morrigan

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