Using “What if…” to accept reality

For about a year, I have been working with the law of attraction…


It started with a lot of mind-blowing shifts in consciousness, and then some major reprogramming of subconscious, limiting beliefs.  Those of you who have started on the journey of spiritual transformation and discovered the law of attraction might know what I’m talking about here.  There comes a time when you blame yourself for whatever unwanted situation you “attract” to yourself.  Or maybe you find yourself blaming other people for the situations they’ve become a vibrational match to.  It’s okay, we all go through this phase.  And hopefully we don’t get stuck there, because that’s the part that looks like every religion on earth and brings nothing but feelings of shame and guilt.


I like to think logically and apply things that I learn practically, because of this Freya Stark quote, “There can be no happiness if the things we do are different from the things we believe.”

When we look at law of attraction, we come to understand that there is this universal law, which causes our perception of reality (AKA the Matrix) to reflect back whatever is a match to our current vibration.  What determines our current vibration? Thoughts that bring forth feelings.  Emotions are the vibrational essence of thoughts.

That’s a lot of power that we humans have!  And if this were all there was to it, I think all our lives would look very different.  Most of us have had some crazy thoughts at one point or another.  Especially if you’ve ever experienced depression, anxiety, and the like.  I’ve imagined some pretty gruesome things.  Thankfully, none of them happened.  So why doesn’t the law of attraction apply to ALL of our thoughts?

I think it’s because we are more than the thoughts in our mind at any one moment.  We have a Higher Self, and perhaps even more “selves” in other parallel realities, on other planetary dimensions, in the collective consciousness, what have you.  There are many levels at which “thought” is happening.

Not only that, but we also have soul plans and soul contracts, which our current (usually fleeting) thoughts cannot interfere with.

I recently watched a video by Teal Swan in which she talks about the law of attraction in a way I’ve never heard it presented:

This is so encouraging for me!  So everytime I have a fleeting thought or worry that my child might be kidnapped, I don’t have to then add on to that worry that maybe I just potentially created a reality in which that could happen.  *rolls eyes* You know what I’m talking about, right?

Now, I do think that we collectively create the world we live in. I have started studying Ho’oponopono, and I’m learning that the best response to myself and all of the circumstances and people in my life is to take 100% responsibility.  NOT to take on any guilt or shame or fault, but just to take responsibility and “clean house”.  The method originally taught by the Hawaiians is to clean our memories and our subconscious and even collective consciousness by thinking and saying the following:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.

The ultimate goal of Ho’oponopono is release the past, live in the present, and completely trust the Divine, knowing that we are in the right place at the right time for a good reason.

[The Divine] works all things together for good for those who are called according to [Divine] purpose.”  – The Apostle Paul (Romans 8:28)

One of the things I have started to practice is using “what if” phrasing.  According to the law of attraction, the universe reflects what we think about and focus upon. So instead of talking about negative situations and focusing on what’s wrong with the world, I’m changing my phrasing to say, “What if the world was like this…?”

Here’s an example. Let’s say I see a parent in a parking lot screaming angrily at a small child, and perhaps even striking the child on the behind.  I could think to myself, “Ugh. Why do some parents have to be so ignorant? Doesn’t she realize she is permanently damaging her child?”

But instead…I am choosing to think, “What if every parent recognized themselves in their children and respected their child so much that they always treated them with unconditional love?” 

When an aggressive driver passes me on the highway and nearly causes an accident, instead of giving them the finger (inside my head, of course!) and thinking, “What an idiot. They are gonna cause an accident,” I can choose to think, “What if we lived in a world where every driver was conscious of safety and respected all of the other drivers on the road?”

These kinds of thoughts make me feel more present and free, less like a victim of a reality where other people are a problem.  Instead, I take responsibility for at least imagining a world where unconditional love is our reality.

Now, may I ask you a question?

What has your experience been with law of attraction?

Does the “what if” approach resonate with you?

Have you already tried it and seen any results?

Enrich our spiritual journey by sharing your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


Love and light,



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Hello, lovelies!!! I hope you’re all well. Over the next few days I am going to be talking about, mantras and mala beads. Today’s post will be short, I really just want to leave you with this mantra to consider. I will go into detail about it tomorrow.









As always, thanks for listening.

Love and light Morrigan.

Shadow Work: When the dam breaks

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Hello, lovelies. Last night around 11:33 pm I was hit by a wave of sadness. I couldn’t stop crying and it felt like the pain in my heart would never heal. Now I was very confused as to where all this came from and why I was in so much pain. I sat there crying trying so hard to figure out what was going on. When a very wonderful friend reminded me I had been doing shadow work. I very clearly had been asking the universe for healing and it all clicked. I had experienced a healing dam break.

This is not something I touched on in any of my posts about shadow work, the truth was I didn’t even really think about it until it happened to me. What is a healing dam break? Basically, it’s when your soul releases all the things you have been healing with your shadow work in one giant wave. All the things I had worked out during my shadow work were now being fully cleared out of me. It was awful, it’s been a long time since I had been desperate for something to stop. Again that wonderful friend said to me as the walls feel the little people build little walls to make sure everything doesn’t get flooded. She was so right. It feels like the pain was flowing in an irrigation system that was growing everything around me. My pain was transformed into beauty.

When the tears finally stopped it felt like a 1000 years of hell had been cleared out of me. I felt lighter and freer then I had in years. I woke up this morning with a renewed purpose in my path and lightness that propelled me forward. This is not how it may work for all of you. Each one of us grieves in different ways, but know that a time of grieving will come. When it does be gentle and loving with yourself. Allow yourself the time to grieve and reach out to those around you who can help ease this process. With grieving comes freedom.

Affirmation: I am healing.

As always thanks for listening

Love and light Morrigan.

The Law of Attraction: The positives and solutions

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Hello beautiful people!!! I hope you are all doing well. When I last left you, I highlighted all the problems with The Law of Attraction. Now let’s take a look at the positive side as well as some solutions. First of all, knowing that you create your own reality is helpful because it does give you control and freedom in terms of how your life goes. If you are able to truly harness your emotions, you can use thoughts and feelings to manifest whatever it is you desire. When you are able to stop resisting something, you can manifest it.

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty. How do you deal with The Law of Attraction? Well, the first thing you need to understand is that we are comprised of two parts, our temporal body consciousness and our higher-self consciousness. Our goal throughout our life is to reach harmony between our temporal consciousness and our higher-self consciousness. These bodies are in constant conversation both consciously and subconsciously. Our higher self is pure source love and responds to our subconscious prompts because they are usually the most authentic. Since it’s only desire for us is inner peace and love, it manifests into our lives whatever we are longing for. Where we can feel a disconnection is how we see things in our physical reality versus how our higher self sees things.

Teal Swan explains this beautifully in her video ‘F**ck the Law of Attraction’. I encourage you to watch it.

Here is an example of what I mean. Let’s say we decide we are ready for a relationship, so we start to focus our energy on finding that special person. Our higher self may bring us a million people who aren’t the one so that we understand what “the one” actually looks like.

There is where the issue lies for us. It seems like life is getting worse and worse…why? Because we can’t see what our higher self is doing. We think something is missing in us. There must be some sort of resistance that is leading us to these awful choices. What we need to do is stop trying to heal ourselves and look at what our higher self is doing for us. As soon as we do that, we lose all resistance to what our higher self is doing, and things start to improve. All in all, we are in a time of change, thus, The Law of Attraction is evolving as well. Our collective consciousness needs to continue the work of evolving this universal law. When this law first originated, it was needed, and it is still serving many people. Now, it’s ready for a shift. For transformation. Eventually, we won’t need the law of attraction anymore.

As always, thanks for listening. Share your thoughts down below.

Affirmation: I am worthy of all good things.

Love and Light,


The Law of Attraction: Why it’s problematic

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Hello, lovelies. I hope today is magical. Yesterday I left you on a Law of Attraction cliffhanger. Not nice, I realize, but I wanted to give you some time to absorb what I said. When I left you last I talked about how we create our own reality with the thoughts we think and the emotions those thoughts evoke. So in theory, if we only think good things then we will receive only good things?? NOOOOO!!!! For starters, controlling your thoughts is a lot easier said than done. The more effort you put into not thinking about “bad” things, the more you think about them.

The next issue is that some of the negativity that invades our minds is completely subconscious–most of it originating from childhood experiences or from collective consciousness. Finally, the biggest thing is that our consciousness is comprised of two parts, our human consciousness and our higher self. Our higher self is pure source love that only wants to see the best for us. The way our higher self sees reality is different than how we view it from our physical perspective.

What does this mean? Basically, our higher self may give us challenges to show us what we don’t want so when we get what we do want we know what it really looks like and we are in a position to receive it. So where does this leave us? It seems like we are governed by some universal law that is basically like walking through a minefield. First of all, The Law of Attraction is not bad, and I will go over why tomorrow. Also, there is a lot we can do about this issue, which will be explained later. For now, just let this new little information settle in.

As always thank you all for listening.

My affirmation: I am enough!!!

Love and Light Morrigan.

What is the Law of Attraction: The good, The bad, The ugly

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Hello, lovelies!! I hope today is going well. Today begins a new series of spiritual exploration. This week’s topic is the Law of Attraction For those of you who know what it is, you may have a love-hate relationship with it like I do. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it today’s blog will give you the basics of it. Over the rest of this week, we will explore it in more detail and ultimately look at how it is changing.

To begin with, it is important to understand that The Law of Attraction is part of a trio that also contains The Science of Deliberate Creation, and lastly The Art of Allowing. They all work together like building blocks and to use one you must be able to utilize the other two.

The Law of Attraction is the first in this series of laws. So what does it mean? Well to quote Esther and Jerry Hicks That which is like unto itself is drawn.” essentially whatever you put your attention to you create. Good or bad if you focus on it then you bring it into your reality. At the core of this, it means you create your reality with the thoughts you think.

The implications of this are vast. It means that every situation we have ever been was our doing, even the bad stuff. Now I don’t know about you but the first time I heard this I immediately went, are you kidding me. Hell no! I have experienced some pretty shitty shit and you’re trying to tell me I created that myself? Excuse my language but f**ck outta here!!! No… no way. So I walked away from the idea of  The Law Attraction for a while. The problem was once you’ve been awakened it’s hard to go back to sleep.

Things kept happening proving that maybe this law wasn’t complete bullshit. After a while of resistance, I went back to it and decided to understand what it really meant and how to live with it. If everything I think brings about my reality this could be very helpful. If I start to focus my thoughts only the good then only good will attract to my reality right???

Wrong, so, so wrong!!!!!

All right, beautiful people, this is where I leave us today. I promise I will explain why it was wrong tomorrow! As always thank you for listening. Please share your thoughts down below.

Today’s Affirmation: I am a beautiful, intelligent creator, who has full control of her life. 

Love and Light Morrigan!!!

Shadow Work day 8

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Hello, lovelies. I hope you’re doing well today. Question are you a friend or a foe disguised as a friend? This comes from the Teal Swan video titled just that. In it, she talks about how people live for the role of shadow exposure in someone else’s life. She goes into depth what actually drives people to do this.

It inspired this prompt/warning: What things do you hold yourself accountable for that you are really not accountable for?


Now, what does this mean? When I saw the title of that Teal Swan video, my first reaction was oh crap another part of my shadow I have to face. Well, here we go… but as I watched it I realized that this did not relate to me at all. I sat there confused as hell because I totally expected to have another giant shadow work revelation, and well… it never came.

Then I realized I’d fallen into a classic shadow work trap. As I see it the shadow work trap is 2 fold. It starts with trying to see ourselves in every negative thing so we can get the most healing done the fastest. This leads to creating fake shadows and missing the real shadows. The second part is you get so high on the revelation and freedom that comes from healing the shadow, that when it doesn’t happen you hit a low point and the revelation becomes a shadow. No longer are you doing it for true healing but for the high you get. I realized I was falling right into this trap and I felt like every day had to be a revelation. This has led me to an important breakthrough daily shadow work is not a good thing. This is why I believe this it puts you in a place to have daily revelations and at some point, you start saying the same things over and over again because you haven’t had time to let new stuff work its way up. That being said I am switching this shadow work to once a week. I will still do the daily affirmations and instead each week I am going to pick a topic and spend 6 days learning about it and sharing it with you. Day 7 will be shadow work. Now, this where I really need your feedback. What do you guys want to know about???? Share down below. Starting Monday, I will be looking at the law of attraction and what that really means.

As always, thanks for listening, please comment down below !!!

I love you!

I’m sorry!

Please forgive me!

Thank you!

Love and light Morrigan.