Why not me?

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Hello lovelies, it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I’ve been pretty sick, and caught up with a bunch of other things in life but, hey how are all of you? I’ve missed my blogs. I’m very much an all or nothing type of person, which tends to cause me issues because I can get too wrapped up in things and lose sight of others. For example, I’m embarking on a new phase of life and decided I had to clear everything from my past that was holding me back at one time. That was not smart, I’ve been sick for over a month and have had to rework my goals. I have learned a major lesson though and it’s one I want to share. I lived a good chunk of my life a slave to my past. It was my identity, in the last year I have worked really hard and made massive progress. The woman I am becoming is one badass spiritual powerhouse. That being said, the road has not been smooth by any means and I have had back slide moments. The lesson I learned was why not me? 

    Through this journey I have had experiences and encounters and with every single one I doubted myself. DId i make this up, is it really real, is this just an ego thing? A very dear friend of mine said something to me that didn’t really click for me until recently, why not you? I kinda nodded and said, “yeah yeah okay”, but then a friend of mine completely changed her stance on something, that in a million years, I never thought she would. I stopped and looked at my life and said, “yeah why not me?” Too many times with this spiritual journey we feel we have to be worthy enough to have this deity with us or to do this thing and that is just not true. You are worthy, just by virtue of being you. Your journey is beautiful and unique and will never look like anyone else’s. No matter what it is you want to do or try, go for it. 

Another lovely friend reminded me that everything is for us. When I say that I mean spiritual practice wise. There may be things you feel drawn to more strongly than others but there is no practice you can’t master if you want to. 

So whatever spirit presents you, look at and decide if it is for you and, if so, embrace it. That is another very important lesson, YOU ARE IN CONTROL… This is your journey, no one can tell you what it should or shouldn’t look like, or who you should or shouldn’t work with, that is up to you and your higher self. Just because one deity or guide shows interest in you, does not mean you have to work with them that is your choice. 

Set your boundaries and live by your truth. Yes, there will be set backs and moments of doubt or struggle, see them for the lesson they are and keep going. We all have a purpose in this world and it’s time for us to embrace it and no longer live in the shadow of the past. 


Thank you all for listening and I hope this helps some of you!!

Love and Light, Morrigan!!!

Shadow Work: When the dam breaks

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Hello, lovelies. Last night around 11:33 pm I was hit by a wave of sadness. I couldn’t stop crying and it felt like the pain in my heart would never heal. Now I was very confused as to where all this came from and why I was in so much pain. I sat there crying trying so hard to figure out what was going on. When a very wonderful friend reminded me I had been doing shadow work. I very clearly had been asking the universe for healing and it all clicked. I had experienced a healing dam break.

This is not something I touched on in any of my posts about shadow work, the truth was I didn’t even really think about it until it happened to me. What is a healing dam break? Basically, it’s when your soul releases all the things you have been healing with your shadow work in one giant wave. All the things I had worked out during my shadow work were now being fully cleared out of me. It was awful, it’s been a long time since I had been desperate for something to stop. Again that wonderful friend said to me as the walls feel the little people build little walls to make sure everything doesn’t get flooded. She was so right. It feels like the pain was flowing in an irrigation system that was growing everything around me. My pain was transformed into beauty.

When the tears finally stopped it felt like a 1000 years of hell had been cleared out of me. I felt lighter and freer then I had in years. I woke up this morning with a renewed purpose in my path and lightness that propelled me forward. This is not how it may work for all of you. Each one of us grieves in different ways, but know that a time of grieving will come. When it does be gentle and loving with yourself. Allow yourself the time to grieve and reach out to those around you who can help ease this process. With grieving comes freedom.

Affirmation: I am healing.

As always thanks for listening

Love and light Morrigan.

Shadow Work day 8

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Hello, lovelies. I hope you’re doing well today. Question are you a friend or a foe disguised as a friend? This comes from the Teal Swan video titled just that. In it, she talks about how people live for the role of shadow exposure in someone else’s life. She goes into depth what actually drives people to do this.

It inspired this prompt/warning: What things do you hold yourself accountable for that you are really not accountable for?


Now, what does this mean? When I saw the title of that Teal Swan video, my first reaction was oh crap another part of my shadow I have to face. Well, here we go… but as I watched it I realized that this did not relate to me at all. I sat there confused as hell because I totally expected to have another giant shadow work revelation, and well… it never came.

Then I realized I’d fallen into a classic shadow work trap. As I see it the shadow work trap is 2 fold. It starts with trying to see ourselves in every negative thing so we can get the most healing done the fastest. This leads to creating fake shadows and missing the real shadows. The second part is you get so high on the revelation and freedom that comes from healing the shadow, that when it doesn’t happen you hit a low point and the revelation becomes a shadow. No longer are you doing it for true healing but for the high you get. I realized I was falling right into this trap and I felt like every day had to be a revelation. This has led me to an important breakthrough daily shadow work is not a good thing. This is why I believe this it puts you in a place to have daily revelations and at some point, you start saying the same things over and over again because you haven’t had time to let new stuff work its way up. That being said I am switching this shadow work to once a week. I will still do the daily affirmations and instead each week I am going to pick a topic and spend 6 days learning about it and sharing it with you. Day 7 will be shadow work. Now, this where I really need your feedback. What do you guys want to know about???? Share down below. Starting Monday, I will be looking at the law of attraction and what that really means.

As always, thanks for listening, please comment down below !!!

I love you!

I’m sorry!

Please forgive me!

Thank you!

Love and light Morrigan.

Shadow Work Day 7

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Hello, lovelies!!! I hope today is starting off well. We did it a week of shadow work completed. How is everyone feeling? This journey for me has been a healing but painful one, and we’ve only just begun. Today’s questions are based on a video by the even wonderful Teal Swan it’s called OVERLAY (What Prevents You From Having a Real Relationship) – Teal Swan. Now some of you are probably wondering what overlay is. I really recommend you watch her video as she gives an amazing explanation. Here is a brief explanation. An overlay is an idea we have created in our heads that prevent us from seeing reality. For example, we see our boyfriend or girlfriend as this overprotective, truly dedicated person. Our friends and family see a controlling, obsessive tornado about to tear us down. We have created an overlay of this person because we are so desperate not to be alone and we want someone to love us above all else.

The prompt: Where do you have an overlay in your life? What are the consequences of that? How can you change that?


This is a concept I know way too much about. I have spent most of my life living in overlay’s and refusing to face reality. I would cast people in roles and they would inevitably disappoint and the overlay would blow up in flames, so I’d create a new one. Thus the cycle would continue. My consequences were pretty severe. I lost a lot of people and created a lot of mistrust with the people that were left.

Financially I was always at the lowest place I could be and I kept myself there to feed the overlay I had created. Now in truth this something I used to do like the plague. Since becoming more self-aware, I tend to do it less often. There are definitely times I still fall into overlay mode as I like to call it. It usually happens when something is super important to me and I am terrified of it going wrong so I only allow myself to see the picture that works for me.

The difference is now I am more aware of that happening and so I am usually able to catch myself before it goes too far. I also keep people around me who can see where I’m blind.

An overlay is a tricky concept, and painful to move out of. It’s not always bad to have overlay as long as you can still see reality.

My Affirmation for today: My reality is beautiful and exactly what it is supposed to be, for that I am grateful.


As always, thanks for listening, feel free to comment down below.

Love and Light Morrigan.

Shadow Work Day 6

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Hello, Lovelies! I hope your day is going well. It’s day 6 of shadow work and today’s question is one I have struggled with for most of my life.

Take a look at the best and most enjoyable part of your life right now… what are your fears in that area?


At this point, my whole life is super enjoyable and awesome. With that comes automatic fear. ‘It was all going to go bad, I am going to lose everything and everyone, I don’t deserve this. People are going to see the truth and hate me.’ Some of the basic mantras of my fear, this mantra always causes me to fall into the same cycle, fall into a deep pit of negativity and sure enough, everything goes wrong. I have lived this cycle my whole life. There is a difference this time I finally understand truly how the cycle works. I had created a specific reality with my thoughts which was I live a life of struggle. For that reality to work, I had to make sure there was a struggle. How do I do that? Well, I allow myself to behave in ways that drive people away and financially ruin me. Thus allowing the cycle of struggle to continue. Great so now what… 28 years of reprogramming to correct. How does one even begin that?

The same way I tore myself down I can build myself back up. Telling myself that I don’t live a life of struggle, that this is not who I am. All this pain and suffering is not a normal concept form. I am used to prosperity and goodness. I keep repeating that until it becomes my cycle. I know I make it sound easy and simple, I also know it’s not. If it was I wouldn’t be doing a summer of shadow work. That being said it is doable if your willing to push through.

Now for my daily affirmation: I am beautiful




And Authentic



Thank you all for listening please comment down below!!!

Love and Light Morrigan

Shadow Work Day 5

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Hello lovelies, I hope you’re doing well. Today’s questions come from 2 different places. This first being Refuse to take No for an answer, by Marisa Peer. In this video, she goes in-depth about self-defeating behaviours and how we can turn them around. She focuses a great deal on how we judge ourselves and how we allow the judgment of others to control us. The other is a song called You’re Welcome’, from the Disney movie Moana. In this song, Maui a demi-god talks about how Moana can thank him for how awesome he is and all the great things he’s done.

“Okay, okay, I see what’s happening here You’re face-to-face with greatness and it’s strange

You don’t even know how you feel, it’s adorable

Well, it’s nice to see that humans never change

Open your eyes, let’s begin

Yes, it’s really me, it’s Maui, breathe it in

I know it’s a lot: the hair, the bod

When you’re staring at a demigod”

This leads to today’s prompt: How judged do you feel on a daily basis? How much is real? How much is imagined? What do you stop yourself from doing because of said judgment?


How interesting it is looking at the above lyrics, I’m sure there are some out there who are comfortable saying these things. For most of us though, this immediately brings self-judgement to mind. “This is so arrogant, it’s not even true, I am not a demi-god so there is no way I’m that awesome. What will people think if they hear me say these things?” Off our mind runs about why all these things are so wrong. We believe so strongly that we are living our lives under a microscope, we don’t see the truth. If we are caught up in worrying what others think isn’t everyone else? If that’s the case do they really have time to care about me? On a daily basis, I feel intensely judged, to the point I just want to hide, away. How do I hide from myself? I judge myself more than anyone else ever could. So how do I hide from me? Well, I stop myself from doing anything out of my comfort zone, or that gets me recognition. I settle for a basic life.

That’s pretty sad when I think about it. For 28 years I have lived half the life I could because of self-judgment and the fear it created of the judgment of others. Now what… what do I do with this realization? I have two choices accept it and keep going or… CHANGE IT!!!! Change nope no thanks too scary right? Wrong, cause that’s what this is all about CHANGE!!! So how do I do this? I am going to add another daily challenge and as scary as this is I am going to make it public….. Gahhh it seems to help me hold to it. Every day when I wake I am going to talk to myself about how awesome I am. Then I am taking one of those things and posting it as an affirmation. I encourage you to do the same. Let’s spend this summer healing our shadow and building our confidence.

Here is my first one! I am worthy of love just as I am!!

As always, thanks for listening, please comment down below.

Love and Light Morrigan.